Homemade 3-ingredient nutella

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like Nutella.. and honestly, I can’t have the real thing in the house, because I WILL eat it all with a spoon. I’m definitely a chocolate fiend, and my willpower disappears immediately when it comes to Nutella. But nutella is packed with sugar, dairy and added fats and is ridiculously unhealthy. My kids love it too (of course!) but I  don’t think it’s necessary to feed them crap like that. I have  been looking around in health food stores and exclusive chocolate boutiques for healthier substitute chocolate spreads, but they all cost an absolute fortune!

So instead, I like to make my own chocolate spread free of dairy and processed sugar. All you really need is a good blender and 3 simple ingredients. It’s so easy and inexpensive compared to store prices which is always a bonus!

So here you go:

Ingredients: (makes one medium sized jar)

1 cup / 2 deciliters of roasted hazelnuts

5 tbsp agave

1/2 – 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder/raw cacao

1/3 cup / 3/4 deciliter  of water

A pinch of salt



Roast the hazelnuts for a few minutes on a warm, dry frying pan. Make sure they don’t burn, so keep stirring. Add the nuts to a blender right away and blend on high for a while. Again, you need a strong blender for this purpose as it will take a little bit for the nut butter to be done and some food processers will get overheated if they are on for too long. So the nuts will  first turn into flour, then get clumpier and eventually turn into butter. My own blender isn’t always that great, so I had to scrape down the sides several times. I eventually had to add a little water but skip this step if your blender handles the job without.

Once you have you butter, add the cocoa powder, water, salt and agave. Add just enough water to get the texture that you want. So just add a little at a time to see. Some prefer a thicker butter, some want it thinner.

Blend again and your Nutella is ready!



Tip: You can add a little vanilla bean powder or extract or 1/2 tsp of caramel extract. You can also substitute the water for full fat coconut milk if you don’t mind the coconut flavor. Use on bread, pancakes, as a healthy frosting or chocolate sauce for desserts.

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