3-ingredient crêpes

It’s been a little tricky developing a crêpe recipe for tasty crêpes made without flour. I love crêpes, however, so I decided there had to be a way to make a healthy version. I have tried with various gluten free flours, and I’m sure the crêpes would have turned out great if they hadn’t stuck so hard to the frying pan that they all turned into a big pile of mush.

I finally found out that the key is not to add any liquids but simply rely on the egg base to do the trick. If you are more than 2-3 people, that will require a fair bit of eggs of course, whereas with a traditional flour-filled crêpe recipe, you would always be able to add more liquids and flour to stretch the batter.

The good news is that these crêpes are actually good for you and will fill you up much more than the traditional kind. And you won’t even know the difference!

Ingredients: (Makes 3-4 crêpes)

2 organic eggs

3 egg whites

1 banana

2/3 cup / 1 1/2 deciliters of oldfashioned oats

1/2 tsp of vanilla bean powder (optional)

A pinch of salt

Coconut oil for frying (neutral flavor)


Put the oats in a blender and blend until you have oat flour. Then add the rest of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Fry the crêpes in the coconut oil for about a minute on each side. Serve with whatever toppings you like.


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